Monday, October 26, 2009

Parsha Drama - Noach

What an experience I had! Five hundred years old! Spending a hundred years building an ark! And all to let my seven family members (eight, once you include me) along with a bunch of animals, live on a boat for a little over a year.

No matter. I built the ark, by myself, and proved I was devout and believed in God.
It was a little cold due to all the rain, so all the ladies huddled under a blanket to share warmth.

And we needed to wear a little gear to protect us from the rain (or at least a hat).

It's incredible when you consider the amount of water it takes to fill the world, rising 15 cubits higher than even the tallest mountains.

After the whole ordeal, I offered some animals as sacrificial offerings, I saw the rainbow in the sky, and I planted a vineyard from which I took grapes and made wine.

There's nothing like a glass of wine to get you a little tipsy. And if you know what I've been through, you understand why I had a bit to drink.

Nonetheless, getting drunk and taking off clothes is not very modest or decent. Luckily two of my sons covered me with a blanket.

Which caused me to wake up and realize what had happened. My sons were partly responsible, partly not responsible. But they did try to cover me and were, for the most part, successful at protecting me. Except for Cham, who has his own issues to deal with.

We concluded with the story of the Tower of Babel, and a preview to our next story, which is that of our patriarch Abraham. We'll learn more about that in Parshat Lekh Lekha!

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  1. Rabbi Billet,
    I can attest to the fact that you bring the Parashiot alive for the children of Brauser Maimonides Academy! The kids LOVE when you come into the classroom and you assist the teachers in teaching the Parasha. When you first started working with the students, as their teacher - I wasn't sure how much they would learn -
    I thought...."hmmmm....he's going to teach the Parasha with play acting and they will remember it?" You proved me wrong. You are going on your second year - and not only do the kids enjoy and love the Parasha and REMEMBER it, the teachers enjoy watching as well! It's not only the students who cheer with joy when you come into the room, the teachers do as well, only they don't shout out, "yay! Rabbi Billet is coming in now!!!" We sort of say it to ourselves! Yasher koach on a great achievement.
    Aviva Skurowitz